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BBQ Rubs

Our ultra flavorful dry rubs are a perfect fusion of flavors. They are fueled by Jeremiah’s Pick award winning coffee blends of hand-roasted arabica coffee beans. These ingenious blends of coffee and spices give meats, fish and poultry a unique smoky character and delicious spicy crust. They’re a great alternative to marinades when rubbed in just before grilling. Our BBQ rubs will make mouths water for more.

Football BBQ Coffee Rubs

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Our Pick of the Harvest
Organic Vilcabamba

This coffee is always gourmet, organic, and single origin Arabica. We work with farmers in the Americas to find the best beans for our customers. Our Pick of the Harvest source rotates seasonally so that only the best of the best beans to produce the perfect medium roasted single origin coffee is offered to our drinkers.

Pick of the Harvest, your gateway to great coffees from around the coffee producing regions of the world continues the search for growers that understand quality and practice social responsibility. Here is another great find!